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As the leading ventilation solutions provider, we recognise that providing local support for our local clients improves collaboration - which benefits your project in many ways, such as:

  • Better designs
  • Innovative solutions
  • Meeting delivery time scales and budgets

However, we know the key to success is the sharing of knowledge, experience and being able to work at a multitude of different levels on a variety of solutions to meet your building services requirements.

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Regional office
Tay House

Being local is a key strategic decision that will bring many benefits to you, our Scottish clients:

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  • Design support, technically and commercially when you need it
  • Access to information from local engineers who understand the needs of the local building environment.
  • Engineering team base, managing the project life cycle - including fast, reliable customer service.

Working with our clients in Scotland we understand projects will be conducted in the home regions and across England, Wales and Ireland. Being able to tap into our other regional bases in London, Manchester and Birmingham is vitally important so we can provide the same level of 1st class support for all our client projects where ever consultant design, project management or site work is conducted.

As we are used to working across the U.K., on a variety of different project types the team is flexible and adaptable, and can be mobilised quickly. Whether to discuss a design, produce technical information or attend site to help survey equipment the speed of service is an important advantage to our clients who need support quickly.

Our office environment in Glasgow city centre has been selected to encourage more client interaction, as face to face meetings and collaborating in real time on designs ensures we help generate the best solution for our client’s needs.

A team with wide skill sets from Consultant level design, specialist site refurbishment, MEP project management, for both mechanical and electrical building services applications means we will always put the right person in front of our clients, which creates innovative ways forward to help generate great designs and smoother project delivery.

Ray O'Connor

Ray O'Connor

Regional Manager
Building Services | Energy Efficiency / Reduction/Management | Design | Project Management

My time service experience in building services project management across numerous industry sectors means I understand all stages of the building process from pre constructions to final handover and on-going maintenance. This depth of knowledge is transferred to all my clients at the highest levels, helping build stronger collaborative relationships, so we can achieve together our client’s organisational strategies and objectives. The network of engineering expertise available to our client in my regional team ensures any potential pitfalls or difficult project aspects can be pre-planned and avoided so the solutions we develop meets our clients’ needs and expectations.

Johnny Gray

Johnny Gray

Specialist Site Services – Surveyor/Estimator
Building Services | Design | Energy

My consultant and contractor level technical experience and knowledge means I better understand your needs, helping make better decisions about HVAC designs and selections. My dedication to delivering energy efficient and cost-effective solutions means the advice I provide will focus on the technical approach and in-depth appraisal of refurbishment vs new, including guidance on the implementation of the solution.

Gary Thomson

Gary Thomson

Sales Engineer
Ventilation | Ventilation Systems | Energy |

Contractors who have ventilation requirements will benefit from my experience of working in the distribution of complete H&V systems, they can also tap into my expansive range of HVAC product knowledge. They will also benefit from the wider array of technical experts I bring in who will advise and help propose solutions which focus on your priorities, whatever the project demands. This attention to detail of my clients needs will help make better air handling designs and selections.

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