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As the leading ventilation solutions provider, we recognise that providing local support for our local clients improves collaboration - which benefits your project in many ways, such as:

  • Better designs
  • Innovative solutions
  • Meeting delivery timescales and budgets

However, we know the key to success is the sharing of knowledge, experience and being able to work at a multitude of different levels on a variety of solutions to meet your building services requirements.

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Being local is a key strategic decision to support our Northern based clients working on building services projects, which will bring many benefits:

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  • Fast access to design, technical and commercial support whenever you need it
  • Knowledge and experience from our local engineers who understand the needs of the local building environment.
  • Local engineering team base specialising in refurbishment, who will manage the as much or as little of project life cycle our clients need.

We wanted to have dedicated and experienced technical staff positioned locally to ensure our clients have the opportunity to discuss innovative solutions early in the project which enables delivery of better building designs whilst being mindful of project costs and timescales.

Our holistic approach to building services and attention to detail ensures we understand our clients’ needs and the wider building impact. This helps you make the right HVAC designs and selections.

We are dedicated to delivering energy efficient and cost-effective HVAC solutions, and our experience in many aspects, from ventilation, AC, chillers to boilers and air distribution allows us to offer a variety of options.  Our ability to fully evaluate refurbishment options over new, means we will provide you with guidance and advice to help deliver successful projects whatever the focus.  

We are passionate about collaboration and believe this is done best when we have a deep understanding of your project goals. We have a vast array of local industry contacts which we will draw upon to further improve project specific collaboration.  Our aim is to offer industry insight to our customers so that the right decisions can be made and all stakeholders are satisfied with the end results.

James Price

James Price

Regional Manager
Energy Efficient Ventilation Solutions | Building Services

I am dedicated to delivering energy efficient and cost-effective solutions, this will come across through the advice I provide and the team I bring in to help develop the technical approach, ensuring clients get the right solution and the best value.  Our holistic approach to building services including the appraisal of refurbishment vs new, ensures the solution is always tailored to the individual client and project needs.

Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson

Northern Project Manager
Project Manager | Gas Safe | Energy

I specialise in boilers and chillers and my extensive installation and project management experience means I can better understand your needs.  I ensure all elements of the project are detailed and well-coordinated, I am positioned to help ensure projects run smoother.

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