Energy efficient healthcare ventilation solutions 

VES has provided air handling products and services to over 200 hospitals in Great Britain to the exacting standards of HTM 03 specifications.

One of the great strengths of VES is its ability to design and build bespoke equipment to suit customer requirements. Healthcare applications are no exception - VES designers are familiar with the specific requirements of HTM 03, to ensure an energy efficient solution is delivered in a reasonable timescale and at a competitive price. 

VES can also improve the performance of existing air handling equipment

It's not always necessary to invest in new products. VES can refurbish, repair or upgrade ANY make or model of air handling equipment. Fans and motors can be replaced with the latest energy efficient technology, controls can be added or upgraded to ensure the system responds to changing occupancy levels. And much more. 

Benefits include improved performance and energy savings, not to mention the reduced capital costs compared with new equipment. 

Case studies - refurbishment and upgrades: Read about a few of our projects here

Moorfields Eye HospitalAddenbrooke's Hospital

Case study - new equipment: University Hospital CoventryUniversity Hospital, Coventry

VES supplied a specialised Max AHU to the highly prestigious Centre for Reproductive Medicine at University Hospital Coventry. The unit was designed to uphold air volume against F7 filters and additional HEPA filters in separate room grilles. Removable filter bulkheads were fitted to reduce the footprint. As the unit is in a sensitive area, it was manufactured to reduce noise breakout and eliminate air leakage.

Tips to assist designers of hospital ventilation systems

To request a VES Technical Guide containing some tips that will assist when designing a hospital ventilation system, contact us, quoting 'Hospital Ventilation Technical Guide'.

Welcome to VES Ventilation

VES manufactures a wide range of commercial heat recovery ventilation products for public, commercial and industrial buildings in the UK. One of the great strengths of VES is its ability to design and build non-standard ventilation products and systems to suit customers' requirements, in a reasonable timescale and at a competitive price. VES also ensures that it reinvests profits into a substantial research and ventilation development programme.

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Offering a range of on-site services, VES Specialist Site Services are your 'Ventilation Doctors'. From solving noise problems to repair and refurbishment, the VES approach delivers cost-effective solutions. Tight spaces and access are overcome with carefully engineered flat packed units. Business downtime is minimised and often remains unaffected. Energy savings are found that go beyond customer expectations. Equipment life expectancy is increased.

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As a growing and successful business VES recruits new team members across a wide range of roles. These include Site Engineers, Sales Engineers and Project Administrators to name but a few. We offer competitive salaries and benefits along with excellent career opportunities. Current vacancies can be viewed on our Careers page, whilst we also welcome speculative enquiries. No agencies please.
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Many VES customers are finding VES Direct the convenient and fast way to get their favourite VES products. Direct from the factory prices, amazing offers, rapid nationwide delivery and valuable rewards make this one of the best ways to get your hands on a deal.
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"From the outset VES was more than just a family business. We have strived to ensure excellence in all that we do, from quality of product through to delivery and value for money. We helped pioneer heat recovery technology and recognised early on the need to offer alternatives to just replacing existing older units. These are just some of the many solutions we offer to meet the new global challenges that face our industry and customers today.

Here at VES we have created a working environment that challenges the individual to look beyond their immediate job role; to make a real difference to the business and the quality of service and product provided to our customers. We look forward to working with all of our customers to help them achieve their aims and should we fall short of this goal, then I welcome your feedback."

John Peters - Managing Director