Specsavers, Guernsey
Specsavers, Guernsey

Specsavers, Guernsey

16 Feb 2012

For the past nine years Specsavers has been voted Britain's most-trusted brand of opticians by Reader's Digest.

The company continues to expand and there are now more than 500 based at Specsavers' headquarters in Guernsey, and around 26,000 worldwide. The company has more than 1390 stores across the Channel Islands, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

In March 2011 our VES Engineers went to Guernsey to provide a number of services to Specsavers ventilation system, including installation of new equipment, as well as refurbishment of existing equipment. VES Engineers aimed to give the equipment a new lease of life so that Specsavers could reduce maintenance costs and meet current performance requirements. VES returned in September 2011 to complete the second phase.

Whilst on site the work conducted included the installation of a new weatherproof external skin to the AHU as well as the installation of a new weatherproof pitched roof. VES Engineers then refurbished the units internal components and structure. They then installed new CW cooling coils. 

During the works a sensitive crane lift was used due to the location being so close to the local airport.

Our expert VES Engineers carried out all the site work. Before leaving VES Engineers removed all other associated debris from the site, providing Specsavers with a clean working environment.

For more information on how we can help you in a project such as this please email us or call us on +44 (0) 8448 15 60 60.

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