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As the leading ventilation solutions provider, we recognise that providing local support for our local clients improves collaboration - which benefits your project in many ways, such as:

  • Better designs
  • Innovative solutions
  • Meeting delivery timescales and budgets

However, we know the key to success is the sharing of knowledge, experience and being able to work at a multitude of different levels on a variety of solutions to meet your building services requirements.

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Being local is a key strategic decision to support our London based clients working on building services projects, which will bring many benefits:

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  • Fast access to design, technical and commercial support when you need it.
  • Knowledge and experience from our local engineers who understand the needs of the local building environment.
  • Local engineering team base specialising in new systems, refurbishment and site services, who will manage as much or as little of the project life cycle our clients need.

As a vast and vibrant building services location, we wanted dedicated and experienced technical staff positioned locally to ensure our clients can discuss innovative solutions early in the project. Although clients may not be based in London we know projects are, being local enables delivery of better building designs whilst being mindful of project costs and timescales.

The diversity of projects our clients encounter is supported by our holistic approach to building services and attention to detail, it ensures we understand our clients’ needs and the wider building impact. This helps you make the right HVAC designs and selections, our ability to fully evaluate refurbishment options over new, means we will provide you with guidance and advice to help deliver successful projects whatever the focus.

We are dedicated to delivering energy efficient and cost-effective HVAC solutions, and our experience in many aspects, from ventilation, AC, chillers to boilers, air distribution and site installation allows us to offer a variety of options.

We are passionate about collaboration and believe this is done best when we have a deep understanding of your project goals. Our local team of technical experts and projects managers can be called upon to help with end client activities, providing upfront support and confidence that a successful project will be delivered. Our aim is to offer industry insight to our customers with the flexibility to be responsible for as little or as much as each individual project dictates so that the right decisions can be made and all stakeholders are satisfied with the end results.

Jon Cheneler

Jon Cheneler

London Territory Manager
Bespoke air handling units

Having worked within the ventilation sector for several years, I understand the importance of customer service and attention to detail. These principals will be the cornerstones of the London team, as we provide assistance to our clients at all stages of design.

I am passionate about the VES product range, our energy efficient solutions and the positive impact we can have on our clients.

Greg Lawson

Strategic Account Manager
Commercial ventilation solutions

Although the standard procurement route is still common place, VES acknowledge many projects adopt a less orthodox approach. Frameworks and Partnerships, Design and Build Single and Two Stage Tenders are increasingly adopted. As Strategic Account Manager; my aim is to collaborate with key accounts and identify opportunities and touch points within their respective ‘design consortium and works partnerships’ during this process. Together with our Regional Sales Engineers create strong interface with said disciplines and influence decision making when considering ventilation solutions and VES products.
Daniel Gentle

Daniel Gentle

Regional Sales Engineer
Controls | DX

Experienced consultant specification engineer, with a demonstrated history of working in the air conditioning & mechanical industry. Skilled in HVAC, system design, ventilation, AHUs, VRV/VRF design & water chillers. Strong engineering professional, with director experience, having owned group of mechanical services companies. 

Ben Peters

Ben Peters

Regional Sales Engineer
Ventilation solutions | Energy efficient ventilation solutions

I work closely with a wide range of consultants and contractors in London and Oxford, with a real focus on providing a high level of service, communicating quickly to make sure there is a reaction where a response is needed. My experience of working internally within the sales team means I can look at projects from an energy efficient perspective as well as technically, providing advice for specific requirements, to enable the most cost effective solution.

Paul Wilcock

Paul Wilcock

Regional Sales Engineer
Heat recovery | Controls

I am committed to delivering a high level of service and insight for our customers in London and the East Anglia area. With over 20 years in the HVAC industry I can impart my technical knowledge and experience to clients and colleagues alike to ensure VES supply the most suitable, cost effective and energy efficient solution available for the project's requirements.

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