ErP 1253/2014 Lot 6 

7 facts and considerations

#1 What is ErP?

ErP stands for “Energy Related Products”. ErP is supported by Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) to make the use of energy and energy related products more efficient, by improving the energy specification products need to meet and phasing out inefficient products.

The Ecodesign Directive is a vital part of the European Union’s commitment to reaching the 2020 goals.

#2 Lot 6 Ventilating Units

EU Ecodesign Regulation no 1253/2014 for Ventilation Units Lot 6 came into force on 1 January 2016. It has also been enacted into UK law by statutory instrument 2015 no 469. The regulation concerns ventilation units, a highly relevant product area, since ventilation, heating and air conditioning represent about 15% of the total energy consumption in the EU, and there is a wide variance in energy efficiency among the products on the market[i].

#3 AHU Classification

Regulation (EU) no 1253/2014 applies to Ventilation Units (VUs) i.e. electricity driven appliance equipped with at least one impeller, one motor and a casing and intended to replace utilised air by outdoor air in a building or a part of a building.

The two main types of VUs:

  1. Residential Ventilation Units: RVUs 

  2. Non Residential Ventilation Units: NRVUs

#4 Exemptions

This Regulation shall not apply  to ventilation units which the electric power input is less than 30W (per air stream) or axial or centrifugal fans, which are only equipped with a housing.

In addition, applications deemed to be process ventilation are exempt, as are applications where air is recirculated.

#5 Requirements for non-residential ventilation units

Two types of ventilating units - Bidirectional (BVU) i.e. with heat recovery and Unidirectional (UVU) i.e. Supply or Extract - need to comply with minumum set standards in a multitude of areas:

BVU - Heat recovery system with thermal bypass, HRS efficiency levels, internal specific fan power limits, fitted variable speed controllers.

UVU - fan efficiency level, internal specific fan power limits, fitted variable speed controller.

#6 Consequences

The tightening regulations have far reaching consequences not just for manufacturers, but specifiers, designers, architects and end users.

AHUs will get bigger and HRS will be larger. AHU case cost will likely increase, mostly due to the cost of the HRS. Site space requirements will increase. 

More importantly, total lifecycle costs will reduce.

#7 Providing ErP Information

The National National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) operates a mixed model enforcement service using market surveillance, product testing and business support in order to increase compliance.

NMRO will assist industry to comply with the regulation by working with stakeholders and providing the best information and advice, in order to help those aiming to comply - or pursue vigorously those that intend to flout compliance.


EU Ecodesign Regulation No 1253/2014 for Ventilation Units Lot 6 came into force on 1 January 2016. The Ecodesign Directive Lot 6 will achieve its target by setting up minimum performance requirements for ventilation products, which will be implemented in steps from 2016 to 2018 in order to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also significantly reduce the overall life cycle costs for end users, making buildings and businesses more sustainable for the future.

Further Information

VES has developed a one-hour CPD to explain in full each part of Regulation (EU) n° 1253/2014 and detailed effects on the design, specification and installation of AHUs. Book a CPD session

VES has developed a Technical Guide to Lot 6 of the ErP Directive. Request a copy.

The full text of Regulation (EU) n° 1253/2014 (Published in Official Journal of European Union L 337 of 25 November 2014) can be found at:

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