Heat recovery ventilation system

Lower energy with heat recovery ventilation using VES Ecovent systems.

The advantages of energy efficient heat recovery are well documented, but when this technology is pushed further offering larger and low profile units, the benefits of an energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system extends to an even wider range of projects and buildings.

The need for energy efficient heat recovery is ever growing. The rise in energy prices and further environmental commitments places an increasing burden on organisations as they seek to reduce energy consumption. The VES Ecovent heat recovery ventilation system incorporates a number of leading heat recovery ventilation technologies and central control strategies to provide the most effective and energy efficient heat recovery ventilation products, helping reduce energy use and consumption.

The Ecovent range of heat recovery ventilation systems, incorporating energy efficient EC fans, plate heat exchanger and intelligent controls, ensures the system meets ventilating requirements of both new builds and refurbishment applications.

A wide range of duties allow Ecovent heat recovery ventilation systems to be used across a multitude of applications from heat recovery in small offices, apartments or classrooms. As part of a continued drive towards environmentally sound business practices in the UK, Multi-zone buildings and hotels are becoming more eco friendly and sustainable - incorporating a heat recovery ventilation system is a way to recover a substantial amount of ventilation losses through heat recovery in buildings. Coupled with intelligent control systems the energy savings can be further enhanced for applications, where the room occupancy time and rate varies – Ecovent heat recovery air handling systems respond automatically to continually maximise energy savings without sacrificing comfort.

Ecovent - duties up to 1.5 m3/s

25 mm double skinned case, construction to BS EN 1886, plantroom or weatherproof, flat or stacked. EC fans with integrated control, cross flow heat exchanger with optional controls and heating types.


Ecovent - duties up to 2.5 m3/s

50 mm double skinned case, construction to BS EN 1886, plantroom or weatherproof, flat or stacked. Plug-fan and inverter, cross flow heat exchanger with optional controls and heating types.

Ecovent Heat recovery ventilation system Duties up to 2.5m3/s

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Ecovent features and benefits

Energy saving

Meet regulations, minimise noise and maximise performance. Energy saving packages combine intelligent controls technology, products and services.

Ecovent Heat recovery ventilation systems are energy efficient units with low SFPs

Energy efficient - Energy efficient units with low SFPs to help achieve L2 Building Regulations. Units are fully tested to BS 848: Part 1 (airside performance) and DIN 45635-38 (acoustic performance).

 Ecovent Heat recovery ventilation systems have no cross contamination of moisture, smells or fumes

Heat recovery - Cross flow plate heat exchanger which has no cross contamination of moisture, smells or fumes. A minimum of 50% efficiency to BS EN 308:1997 specification.

Twin extract fan - Twin extract fans to utilise heat recovery technology in sensitive continuous extract systems. VES controls package include auto-change over upon fan failure and time dependent duty share functions.

 Ecovent Heat recovery ventilation systems have energy saving Integrated BlueSense Controls

Integrated controls - BlueSense energy saving packages combine intelligent technologies with energy saving products, services and engineering expertise.


Ecovent Heat recovery ventilation systems have minimum energy High Performance Fans

High performance fans - Backward curved EC fans offering maximum efficiency, minimum energy consumption, fully controllable and ErP2015 compliant.


Ecovent Heat recovery ventilation systems have efficient Bypass Damper control


Bypass damper - Modulating damper to efficiently control the heating / cooling recovery and available free heating / cooling.


Ecovent Heat recovery ventilation systems are a Complete BlueSense Ventilation Package

Complete ventilation package
- VES offer the expertise, products and services to provide a complete ventilation package including heat recovery unit, integrated controls and site assistance, providing peace of mind through reliable products and expert knowledge.

Ecovent has been the acknowledged market leader in heat recovery air handling units for over 10 years. The high efficiency heat recovery range includes units with duties up to 2.5 m3/s, all with specific fan power and low energy / high efficiency fans.

Suitable for many installations including offices, schools, hotels and retail establishments, the Ecovent range is designed to fit any application. With a wide range of models for ceiling void, plantroom and external locations, including a variety of control options, there will be an Ecovent unit to suit.  

Simple installation and maintenance

Simple connection and pre-installed features save on site costs and reduce lead times. Carefully designed maintenance features minimise downtime and total cost of ownership.


Pre-wired controls and isolator
- The unit is pre-wired to an integral controls package or isolator to reduce onsite wiring requirements.


Airflow commissioning - The unit air volume can automatically be commissioned when purchased with a VES control panel, through the inlet eye pressure tappings. Individual volumes for supply and extract can be adjusted easily at the user interface also allowing more control of demand ventilation and night set back volume.

'Plug & play' fans
- Fan motor assembly is internally anti-vibration isolated and fitted with a quick change plug connector for easy maintenance.

Filter Maintenance
- A range of high efficiency filtration with side access panels for easy and safe filter maintenance. If a VES control panel is ordered it will provide conditional based servicing information, calculating the efficient optional filter change point.

Versatile options

Versatile location, handing and access options meet the widest range of project requirements.

Multi-access - Plantroom units suitable for top and bottom access, left or right hand side to suit site and / or installation requirements. External units suitable for left or right hand side or top access only.

Heating options - A variety of modulating LPHW and electric heater options are available to suit the required application.


Robust construction

Excellent build quality ensures minimal noise breakout, low SFPs and air tight performance.

Construction - Double skinned cases, available in plantroom or weatherproof, flat or stacked configuration. All units built with an aluminium tubular frame, and galvanised steel sheet panels, with resin bonded mineral wool slab infill.


Powdercoat options - External units supplied with sloping roof, channel base, inlet and exhaust cowls. Ecovent units are polyester powder coated to Signal Grey to RAL7004, at the VES factory. Alternative colours and powder coated internal units are also available.


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