Save energy and costs with BlueSense Controls.

Demand ventilation solutions

BlueSense philosophy combines intelligent control technologies with energy saving products, services and engineering expertise. BlueSense helps meet energy reduction commitments by optimising the equipment performance, improving energy efficiency, saving money and increasing equipment life expectancy.

BlueSense can be applied to a variety of projects and applications, providing efficient solutions whilst supporting design for best practice and sustainability.

BlueSense Ffatures

  • Inbuilt intelligent controls
  • Optimises performance and efficiency
  • Demand ventilation control improves air quality, reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs
  • Combined CO2 and VOC sensing technology with energy efficient speed control
  • Extending equipment life expectancy and reducing maintenance
    Short term payback on capital expenditure

Prewired/fitted controls Demand Ventilation Energy Efficient Fans Speed Controls
Air Quality Plug & Play Energy Monitoring Filters
Thyristor Heating Humidity Heat Recovery Temperature

BlueSense energy savings

Energy comparisons for our products illustrate how they reduce energy demands whilst improving the environment and saving money.

The example below is for our Ecovent ventilation units, it shows a typical office building, with an occupancy variation that results in an average 40% reduction in airflow requirement for 40% o f the working day. The ventilation system operates from 8am till 6pm, Monday to Friday, with a ventilation rate of 0.55 m3/s at 100 pa.

BlueSense Energy Savings

The heating requirement has been based upon the UK heating profile for an air temperature setpoint of 18.5 oC; the same heater size has been used for all comparisons.

Combining VES products with BlueSense technology will reduce the impact to the environment, minimise overall life cycle costs and payback period,

BlueSense extended warranty

BlueSense also includes an extended warranty:

  • 3 years with BlueSense packages
  • 5 years with BlueSense package and post installation commissioning

A BlueSense 3 year warranty is provided when a unit is pre-wired and factory fitted to an air handling unit. This is extended to 5 years when a post install visit is included.

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