Bespoke control solutions

VES provides complete control solutions for ventilation equipment, these flexible packages are available as compact standards or specialised customised systems.

VES specialises in meeting customer requirements, working with customers to provide tailored solutions. VES has a wealth of experience, expertise and state of art technology to ensure that the system operates according to customer needs.

VES Controls division has been operating for over 10 years, providing a range of control panels, from stand-alone applications to fully integrated energy optimising solutions that can communicate on a range of Building Management networks.


  • Fan and motor control
  • Electric, LPHW, Gas and DX control loops
  • Close temperature control to accuracies of +/- 0.1 oC
  • Heating and cooling recovery via plate heat exchangers, heat wheels, mixing box and run around coils
  • Humidification/de-humidification
  • Enthalpy control
  • Demand ventilation
  • Communication - Modbus , BACnet and TREND
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Wide selection of user and BMS interfaces

Design assistance

VES Controls experts can help with a variety of questions. They are experienced at attending consultation and design meetings, offering advice and expertise up front. This ensures that the system is designed to work from the start; meeting regulatory and customer demands, whilst reducing energy and ultimately saving money.

Post installation commissioning

VES understands how vital it is that equipment is fully functioning and optimised right from installation.VES has the expertise to get the very best from our equipment, providing a site commissioning service that ensures the system is fully operational and optimised for your specific application, reducing the pressure on the installer. When this is included within a BlueSense package, a 5 year warranty is provided.


VES has experienced engineers that can attend the application site, offering control advice for new installations or improvements to existing systems.

Our focus is on providing the right control in the most energy efficient manner. Issuing detailed reports that break down areas for operating cost savings compared to capital expenditure required, this allows the correct package to be specified.

Data is provided in real terms with facts and figures for comparison. VES can also offer energy monitoring equipment, so that on-going energy data and costs can be directly assessed.

Site installation

VES can supply HVAC equipment and controls pre-wired and factory commissioned for many applications. Additionally, our service can be expanded to include full site installation. From the main site connection, VES will install the control panel(s) and AHU(s), electrically interconnect and commission the system. VES can supply the goods and services to provide a complete ventilation package with sensible economics and peace of mind that comes with sourcing a range of experience and expertise from one supplier.

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Welcome to VES Ventilation

VES manufactures a wide range of commercial heat recovery ventilation products for public, commercial and industrial buildings in the UK. One of the great strengths of VES is its ability to design and build non-standard ventilation products and systems to suit customers' requirements, in a reasonable timescale and at a competitive price. VES also ensures that it reinvests profits into a substantial research and ventilation development programme.

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Offering a range of on-site services, VES Specialist Site Services are your 'Ventilation Doctors'. From solving noise problems to repair and refurbishment, the VES approach delivers cost-effective solutions. Tight spaces and access are overcome with carefully engineered flat packed units. Business downtime is minimised and often remains unaffected. Energy savings are found that go beyond customer expectations. Equipment life expectancy is increased.

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As a growing and successful business VES recruits new team members across a wide range of roles. These include Site Engineers, Sales Engineers and Project Administrators to name but a few. We offer competitive salaries and benefits along with excellent career opportunities. Current vacancies can be viewed on our Careers page, whilst we also welcome speculative enquiries. No agencies please.
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